Securing Permissions for the Images You Use

Many people have been asking me how the new book is coming along. I am happy to announce that the manuscript has been sent to the publisher, and I am told the new volume will be available in just a couple of short months. Stay tuned for a big announcement when the new book is ready!

While the publisher prepares the final edition, I have been very busy securing permissions for the pictures to be included. It’s always very TeacherAppleTN1[1]important to me to be sure to meet all copyright laws. I would never want any arguments about copyright to diminish the integrity of the writing! Besides, it’s just good digital citizenship. Securing permissions is a time-consuming, and sometimes expensive, venture. But it’s worth it, I think, to be able to include images to accompany the text. The photographs certainly do increase the visual appeal of the work, whether the reader approaches the text in print or in electronic format. If you are considering writing your own book, think about including appropriate images, and be sure to expend whatever effort and dollars are required to secure any necessary permissions. Keep meticulous records, including back-ups of your email conversations, about all permissions you have  received. Happy writing!