Sas Carey: International health educator and 2nd grade teacher


One of the most amazing chalkboard champions I have heard of is Sas Carey, a former elementary school teacher with a degree in nursing who has worked as an international health education consultant.

Sas, born in Washington state in 1945, possesses an impressive educational background. She studied at Western Connecticut University and at Keen State College, where she earned her degree in elementary education in 1965. She then taught 2nd grade at Weybridge Elementary School in Vermont.

As interested in medicine as she was in education, Sas returned to school, earning a Bachelor’s in Science, Nursing, at the University of Vermont in 1983. She also earned her Master’s in Education in 1988.

Dedicated to improving the lives of others internationally, Sas has worked as a health education consultant for the Mongolian office of the United Nations Development Programme. She also founded the nonprofit Nomadicare, which provides health services to nomadic herders in Mongolia. Her book Reindeer Herders in My Heart: Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia, describes some of her experiences in Mongolia. Additionally, you can check out her fascinating videos on You Tube.

Sas has invested her considerable talent in helping youth. She founded the Alternatives for Teens program, where young people are given opportunities to discuss issues important to them. The program organizes group events that offer alternatives to drug and alcohol use. The organization earned an Exemplary Prevention Program Award from the US Department of Health and Human Services. In 1989, Sas authored the book Life Skills for Teens (currently out of print).

Sas Carey, now in her early 70’s, has accomplished so much in her life. She traces her drive to her Quaker upbringing. “As a Quaker,” she once said, “you listen for your calling for what you’re supposed to do. And it’s a changing kind of thing. You do a thing ’til you’re done with it. Then you do the next thing ’til you’re done with it.”

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