Hollywood Actress Dee Green Takes Center Stage as Beloved Music and Choir Teacher

g2e22e201a0004e53a615765e863ab4ebf8422bf84baa13c98654927754[1][1]Often times talented educators achieve success in fields other than education. One such educator was Delores Mae Green, who is better known as Dee Green. Dee was a beloved music and choir teacher who was also an acclaimed actress. In Hollywood, her claim to fame is that she worked with the Three Stooges, and she is well-known for playing the part of one of Shemp’s potential brides. She was the plain, tall, and fawning Miss Fanny Dinkelmeyer in the comedy short Brideless Groom. She also portrayed the homely and unattractive fiance in I’m a Monkey’s Uncle and the daughter of King Rootintootin’ in Mummy’s Dummies. Dee was born on November 16, 1916, in Peoria, Illinois. After her career in show business, she earned her master’s degree in music. She taught music and choir classes at Peoria Heights Grade School in Peoria Heights, Illinois, in the 1960’s. Throughout the late 1970’s and early 1980’s she taught Language Arts and Drama at Roosevelt Junior High, which is now known as Rockford Alternative Middle School, in Rockford, Illinois. She produced annual events, including a production of Babes in Toyland and numerous elaborate Christmas pageants that included every student in the school. Dee inspired more than one student to pursue a career in theater, some of whom eventually earned success on Broadway in New York. She was often described by her students as kind and generous, and a woman of great courage, talent, and vision. This amazing chalkboard champion passed away on April 24, 1985.