Henrietta Szold: The Chalkboard Champion Who Saved 22,000 Jewish Children from Nazi Concentration Camps

Szold[1]Henrietta Szold was born on December 21, 1860, in Baltimore Maryland, the eldest of eight daughters born to her father, a respected rabbi. She graduated from Western Female High School in 1877, and then taught school for fifteen years at Miss Adam’s School and Oheb Shalom Religious School. She also established the first American school in Baltimore to provide English language classes and vocational education courses to Russian Jewish immigrants.

Henrietta is probably best known, however for founding the international volunteer organization known as Hadassah. This organization sponsored Youth Aliyah, a program designed to rescue Jewish children from Nazi Germany, and, later, from all over Europe. This organization was able to save an estimated 22,000 children from World War II death camps.

Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2007, Henrietta Szold is truly a chalkboard champion. You can read more about this remarkable teacher in my upcoming book, tentatively entitled Chalkboard Heroes.