Casey Shreiner: The middle school teacher elected to Montana’s State House of Representatives

15243Throughout American history, there are many examples of successful schoolteachers entering the field of politics. One such example is Casey Shreiner, a middle school science teacher who is currently serving as a member of the Montana State House of Representatives.

Casey was born in Great Falls, Montana, on July 10, 1982. He earned his college diploma from Montana State University located in the city of Bozeman. Upon graduation, Casey accepted a position as a science educator at Butte Central Catholic Schools, where he was employed from August, 2008, to August, 2010. Next, the talented teacher accepted a position with Great Falls Public Schools, where he worked from August, 2010, until June, 2013.

Casey was elected on the Democratic ticket to the Montana State House of Representatives representing the 22nd District. Upon his election, the former educator sponsored eleven bills, including legislation to revise truancy laws, to establish a pilot project for Native American and rural youth suicide prevention, to protect voting rights for disabled citizens, and to appropriate money for a state-run mental health group home. He has also served as the director of the governor’s State Workforce Innovation Board within the Montana State Department of Labor and Industry.

Casey is married and has two sons.