Author Terry Marzell to Appear at Local Authors Fair

COM_W_PEOPLE_0208c[1]Author Terry Marzell will appear at the Local Authors Fair to be held at Perris Library on Saturday, July 19, from 1:30 to 4:30. The author of Chalkboard Champions and a soon-to-be-released second book, tentatively entitled Chalkboard Heroes, will be available to share stories about remarkable teachers in our nation’s history and to sell and sign copies of her book. The fair will feature a total of fifteen authors from the Southern California area. The event promises to be an exciting one, so if you’re in the area, plan to attend!

Below is a roster of the attendees and their titles:

Sharon Edwards: Pioneer Blvd: Los Angeles Stories

Reverend C. Mark Ealy: The Prayer Guarantee

Saitia Faaifo: Seven Letters to Live by Respect

Libby Grandy: Desert Soliloquy; Promises to Keep

Becky Hasted Levin: Adventures in Mustard Seed Faith; Come to the Secret Place

Maureen King: I Don’t Want to Go to Kindergarten…I’ll Miss You Too Much

Maggie Meils: Monster Bella is in a Bad Mood

Lavonne Miller: Living through Hell

S. Kay Murphy: Tainted Legacy: The Story of Alleged Serial Killer Bertha Gifford; Ghost Grandma

Mark Ozeroff: Days of Smoke; Singin’ the Bookstore Blues

Barry F. Parker: Resolutions

Derek L. Saunders: Gangster Love Book 1: The Wonder Years

Elizabeth A. Shanks: Momma, Will I Ever?

Lynn Spreen: Dakota Blues; Middle Age Crazy: Short Stories of Midlife and Beyond