Anne Sullivan Macy: Beyond the Miracle Worker

5046[1]The Miracle Worker by William Gibson is an iconic piece of American literature that is frequently taught in public schools.
Exploring the extraordinary work of teacher Anne Sullivan Macy and her work with deaf /blind student Helen Keller, this award-winning play depicts the exact moment at which, due to Anne’s intensive instructional efforts, Helen was able to grasp the concept of language. This knowledge unlocked a world of isolation for the little girl, allowing her to connect with her fellow human beings, and making it possible for her to earn a university degree
at a time when educating women was rare. The scene is sweet. Yet the fifty-year relationship between the teacher and her student was riddled with ambiguity and complexity, as author Kim E. Nielsen demonstrates in her in-depth biography of Anne, Beyond the Miracle Worker: The Remarkable Life of Anne Sullivan Macy and Her Extraordinary Friendship with Helen Keller, published in 2009. The book is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to know more about this remarkable teacher and the instructional strategies she used that were so unique. You can discover more about this book on at the following link:

Beyond the Miracle Worker

I have also included an abbreviated but concise biography of this amazing teacher in my book, Chalkboard Champions, which can also be found at at the following link:

Chalkboard Champions