Dr. Melissa Crum: Thoughts about Diversity Education

As educators, it is always fitting and proper to think about how we can best serve the needs of the students of color who comprise our classroom population. This is particularly true during Black History Month. In this TED Talk, the issue is explored by Dr. Melissa Crum, an education consultant, diversity practitioner, and artist who conducts workshops with many educators in urban schools. Dr. Crum was inspired to do this work when she remembered incidents from her own childhood, and when she observed that many teachers have challenges teaching and relating to students who do not share their same cultural background. In response, she worked with a museum educator to create an arts-based professional development series that helps educators reflect about how they are interacting with their students. Here she shares her inspirational and eye-opening message that everyone who works with students should hear.

San Francisco Teacher Ninive Clements Calegari and Her Innovative Educational Program

One of the most pleasurable aspects of teaching is the vast opportunity the profession provides for innovation and creativity. Here is an inspirational video about a visionary teacher from San Francisco, Ninive Clements Calegari. Among Ninive’s wonderful accomplishments is the co-founding of a program called 826 Valencia, a nonprofit organization which supports writing skills and literary arts for under-resourced students age 6-18. Watch this presentation to learn more about this remarkable teacher and her leading-edge educational program.