Cruising or Crashing: What’s Your Experience with Technology in the Classroom?

OC turn 3-1Having devoted nearly three and a half decades to perfecting my practice, I’d love to feel as though I could cruise leisurely through my finely-tuned lesson plans until I sail languidly into the port of retirement. However, like many teachers at all stages of their career, I feel instead that I am racing at breakneck speed through a vast ocean of technological innovation, hanging on for dear life lest I be knocked overboard into a sea of electronic devices and internet resources. Will I drown? Will I be eaten alive? Which devices and resources are the lifesavers, and which ones are the sharks? It’s hard to say.

Here is an four-minute YouTube video that demonstrates the urgency to finding the answer to this question:

I recommend searching out an innovative program at your local university. Having gotten my feet wet swimming in the pool of courses in Educational Technology offered by Cal State Long Beach, I can truly say I have found a beacon and a buoy. The skills I have learned there, the leadership of a remarkable team of professors, and the collaboration of my fellow learners—these have become my best life preservers.

Don’t flounder around out there on your own! Once you have found the leaning community that best meets your needs, hang on, employ your most tried-and-true survival strategies, and enjoy the ride!